Pyramiden: Urbex-Tour

Welcome to the fascinating world of Ghosttown Pyramiden – an abandoned settlement embedded in the icy splendor of the Arctic! This unique destination promises an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers and history buffs alike.

Pyramiden is located on the remote island of Spitsbergen, Norway’s jewel in the far north. The town was once founded by the Soviet Union to conduct mining activities there. Today, it is a reminder of bygone times when it was a bustling center of coal mining. The distinctive architecture, reminiscent of the Soviet era, gives the city a mysterious aura, while it is surrounded by majestic snow-capped peaks and the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean.

The trip to Pyramids is undoubtedly a journey into the past. The abandoned streets and buildings bear witness to a once vibrant community as nature slowly reclaims its place. Visit the abandoned coal mine and learn more about the hard work that was once done in this frosty environment. The mine stands almost as if the miners just left for a break, offering a fascinating glimpse into life and work in this extreme environment.

The surrounding landscape is one of breathtaking beauty. Admire majestic glaciers slowly creeping into the sea, and observe the amazing biodiversity of wildlife, including Arctic foxes, reindeer, and if you’re lucky, even polar bears. The Arctic is a fragile ecosystem, and visiting this region reminds us of the importance of protecting the environment.

During your stay, you can spend the night in the former miner’s lodge, which now serves as a hotel. Experience the silence of the Arctic night and enjoy the opportunity to see the famous Northern Lights dancing in the sky – a truly magical experience.

Getting to Pyramiden certainly requires planning and preparation. Due to the extreme climatic conditions, it is recommended to travel during the summer months when temperatures are a bit milder. Warm clothing, sturdy footwear and an adventurous spirit are essential to get the most out of this unique trip.

Pyramids in the Arctic is far more than just a ghost town. It is a time capsule that reminds us how people lived and worked in one of the harshest environments on earth. It’s a journey to the limits of the Earth that simultaneously shows us the beauty and vulnerability of our natural world. Prepare to be immersed in a world that is equally enigmatic, fascinating and unforgettable.

Day 1:
# Flight Oslo > Longyearbyen or Flight Tromso > Longyearbyen

# By hotel bus to Longyaerbyen
# selbstgeführte Tour: time to take pictures in Longyearbyen (Polar bear warning sign, abandoned buildings at mine No 2, Taubanenstation)

# Overnight Longyearbyen: Twin-Room or Single-Room

Day 2:
# 08:15 Shuttle to the port
# 08:45 Departure from the port
# 10:15 Arrivial Pyramiden, Pick up at the port and transfer to the Hotel
# short lunch break
# 13:00 Buildingtour of Ghosttown Pyramiden (2.5-3h), Buildings: Canteen, Kindergarten/School, Swimming-Hall, Palace of Culture
# After that time at your own disposal (Buildings from outside / drone flight…)

# Overnight Pyramiden: Twin-Room or Single-Room Hotel Pyramiden incl. Breakfast

Day 3:
# 08:30 Breakfast
# 09:30 Start of the extended tour (3h), Buildings: Mining-Office, one of the largest residential buildings, Mine workshop)
# 12:30 short lunch break
# 14:00 Start of the extended tour (3h), Buildings: Cemetery, Helipad, Pigsty and bottle house
# After that time at your own disposal (I always run with my guests alone up the ramp, you must assess whether alone or whether I should also ask the guide here, Up there you not only have internet again but there are more abandoned buildings!)

# Overnight Pyramiden: Twin-Room or Single-Room Hotel Pyramiden incl. Breakfast

Day 4:
# 08:30 Breakfast
# 09:30 Start Hiking tour to Petunia Bay (abandoned oil rigs), Duration 3-4h (during the tour you can take pictures of the port and the abandoned power plant)
# 12:30 short lunch break
# 14:00 Time buffer to photograph more buildings / time to fly with the drone
# 17:30 Transfer to the Harbour
# 18:00 per Boat back to Longyearbyen
# 19:30 Arrivial Longyearbyen

# Overnight Longyearbyen: Twin-Room or Single-Room Guesthouse 102 incl. Breakfast

Day 5:
# selfguided Tour: 08:00-12:00 time to take pictures in Longyearbyen (Polar bear warning sign, abandoned buildings at mine No 2, Taubanenstation)

# By hotel bus to Longyaerbyen-Airport
# Flight Longyearbyen > Oslo

5 Day-Urbex-Adventure:

from 849 € per Person, include:

– 2 Nights in Longyearbyen Guesthouse 102 (incl. Breakfast)
– 2 Nights in Hotel Pyramiden (incl. Breakfast)
– 02.09.23 Shiptour Longyearyben > Pyramiden
– 04.09.23 Shiptour Pyramiden > Longyearbyen
– Longyearbyen: 2x Airporttransfer in Longyearbyen
– Longyearbyen: 1x Transfer Hotel Longyearbyen > Harbour
– Longyearbyen: 1x Transfer Harbour Longyearbyen > Hotel
– Pyramiden: 3x Building-Tours with the guide / Polarbear guards
– Pyramiden: 1x Hiking-Tour Petunia Bay
– Pyramiden: 2x Harbourtransfer

The total price is based on the assumption of at least 10 people per person in a twin room.
Extra charge single room + 300 €.

The price is based on a number of participants of 10 persons. With less or more people, the price changes according to the number of people participating.

The price does not include:
Meals not listed, drinks, any additional sightseeing/entrance fees and flights to and from Svalbard.

Terms of payment:
A deposit of 25% of the tour price is due immediately upon conclusion of the contract. The balance is due 4 weeks before the start of the trip.

Cancellation fees: up to 30 days before departure 25%, from 29-15 days before departure 40%, from 14-7 days before departure 60%, from 6-1 days before departure 85%, in case of no-show 100%.

Note hotels: in Longyearbyen the two accommodations have shared private bathrooms only. In Pyramiden the bathroom is in the room.

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